Wednesday, April 19, 2017

The Puzzle Strategy

I decided not to write about individual incidents not because they could be insignificant or not related, but because these incidents do not provide the reader with the big picture. Imagine a puzzle, every piece is significant only because it is part of the complete picture but is useless on its own. This relates directly to what is happening in the world today little bits and pieces here and there but they all add up.

I will give another example, Trump's strike on the Syrian Airforce base with 59 missiles. Please notice I used “Trump's strike” and not the “US Naval strike” because only 23 missiles struck and nobody knows what happened to the rest. This is not typical as it pertains to this sort of missiles. The precession in which the Navy has struck Baghdad for example, with pin point accuracy from the Red Sea. Not only that, but the base is still functioning and the Syrian Airforce is still raiding the rebel's positions. This piece of the puzzle is so insignificant in the view of any military strategist whom will tell you instantly that the objectives were not accomplished.

Let us see the pieces that fit, before and after the strike. The piece before, was the visit of the Saudi crown prince Mohammad Bin Salman, whom urged Trump to start a new phase of the 6 years' war. Escalating the position of the USA in the conflict in return evidenced by this Whitehouse statement:" President Trump provided his support for developing a new United States-Saudi program, undertaken by joint U.S.-Saudi working groups, and its unique initiatives in energy, industry, infrastructure, and technology worth potentially more than $200 billion in direct and indirect investments within the next four years.

The “after” piece is the visit of Tillerson to Russia which had only one news headline "Assad should go." One could argue that only a month ago this was not the US view and the Americans know very well the Russian point of view regarding President Assad. They not only like him, but it is rather that they are on the ground in Syria. Their objectives requires a man like Assad that is always complicit in what Russia does.

Another important piece to the puzzle is the cheap Turkish statement to Europe "our citizens should enter Europe without Visas or we will unleash the refugees onto Europe." The puzzle piece before that came when Holland and Germany refused to allow Erdogan's party to perform rallies and conferences for the Turkish immigrants in those countries. This of course was to back up Erdogan's referendum changing Turkey from a Parliamentarian to a republican political system.
The “after” piece will most likely be when Europeans players approach Trump saying “your ally has crossed the line it this time.” Trump then will have to deal with the Kurdish problem in Northern Syria and the boarder safe zone, which the Turks will not like. In doing so Europe will be indebted to Trump also.

The big picture is hidden within these little pieces of the puzzle. In order to solve it, you will need to remind yourself every once in a while that the US is managing that war in Syria. They are not ending it and not fueling it at the same time. Nothing makes this more evident than the delay of the battle of AR Raqqa city, an ISIS strong hold in the North of Syria. The US troops have been there for some time now with the Kurdish troops, but what really is holding them is the Syrian army that is refusing to give up Palmyra  in the South. Palmyra just happens to be the location where the Americans wants ISIS to go to. This map might explain better …

Ar Raqqah is the ISIS strong hold so when the Americans and Kurds enter the city from the North ISIS will retreat to the South. Since the Syrian army is in Palmyra ISIS will take its chances to stay and fight which could cause a lot of casualties, so Ar Raqqah has to wait.

It seems pretty clear that all of this, was not on Trump's agenda while campaigning. In fact he kept saying that AL ASSAD and the Russians are fighting the terrorist so let them continue. Unfortunately there is another group in Washington that thinks otherwise, and in order that Trump gets his domestic plans furthered he will probably need to accept this group's terms.

Thursday, April 13, 2017

The Krauss Factor

Professor. Lawrence Krauss a scientist and a great debater. If you have not seen his debates on you tube, then you are missing important and interesting discussions. He neither believes in GOD nor finds his existence necessary, and argues that science is the answer for knowledge, morality and tolerance. Although he debated great minds nobody, till now has managed to put him in a corner where he is speechless.

What is his strategy, you may ask? I don’t think the word strategy exactly fits here because most of the time he is not the person who starts debate but he has solid points that he uses repeatedly in his debates. This gives a chance for his opponents yet none have used it wisely. For him, everything is questionable. Everything must be tested to be proven correct or at least applicable or likely. Once something is proven unlikely, he will then disregard it, but nothing is ever ridiculed or treated as implausible. This is his secret, he has no references to follow except reason and rationality. He is not restricted to teachings and beliefs. This is something that cannot be use in religion because the word is sacred and unquestionable. Theologians from all religions do not agree on the interpretation of the word fully and in some cases, makes one team think of the other as an infidel.

He does not think of himself as an atheist, any more than the religious believers whom think that their religion is the only correct one, are atheists of the other 1000 religions in the world. This is a key point in his discussions, “why should I be condemned to eternal hell” and “I am a believer in GOD but belongs to this religion or that.” You cannot argue with that because not only are you condemned to eternal hell but you could be killed in life too per some sects.

You might ask why is a person from the middle east whom believes in GOD writes favourably of an atheist in Judaism? Yes, this professor just happens to be Jewish. In the middle east, no matter what you think or believe you must show that you are religious even if that means that you fake it. Social restrictions are enormous and leaves no space for questioning. Moreover in this delicate period of sectarian struggles you beg for ignorance, because this sort of knowledge is passed by the long beards. Of course this, could lead you towards radicalism, even if it something that you do not want to be.

I will give an example from just a few months ago. One of the scholars with a long beard said the Earth is flat. If you say that Earth is a sphere you are blasphemous of the words of ALLAH. I looked at that clip with astonishment because he was with a live audience whom none stood up and argued. The audience digested that piece of information and if you were to argue with him you could be hurt or more. The fear alone can create a truth, even when it is so obviously false.

Does that make Professor Krauss, right? No, because he, himself said “bring me proof and I will most likely accept it,” and he is talking about a methodology in thinking. Do not be blind, or at least do not choose to be blind. It is far better to think, discuss and question all in the process of finding the truth no matter what the result is. He says “why should you have a discussion if the answer is predetermined per your religion?”

In one of his debates with an Islamic scholar he said, “I do not see anything special in Islam rather I see it like all other religions,” to which his opponent did not reply. Although it looks so simple and straight forward, because the scholars today are not interested in such vital questions, rather they are interested in promoting hate to the other sects. These types of issues control the masses, and direct them easily towards goals that are political, radical in nature, and receives good money all at the same time.

As a conclusion, the failing of all religious scholars in front of Professor Krauss is not because there is something wrong in religions, but that we are not asking the correct questions. Our methodology in this process is not aimed towards the truth, so you cannot take what you like and dispose of what you don't from the text. In my humble opinion religious scholars and believers should reform their ways of thinking, and approach the issues with questioning, instead of closed mindedness, thus allowing the text to be debated without determining what the outcome should be.

We in the middle east have suffered a lot from scholars that feed poison, fear and enmity, rather than love, tolerance and forgiveness. The incident in Egypt, where a terrorist exploded himself to kill innocent people just because they are Coptic is a wonderful example of the former. What kind of knowledge was he given and what sort of teaching brought him that knowledge? Looks a lot like hate and the following of a so-called scholar herding sheep. It is high time we change and accept reforms. 

Thursday, March 30, 2017

Polarization For Dummies

I haven't offended a large swath of people in a while, and I must miss it since I deleted my Facebook profile. Actually that isn't quite true, like most people I have an innate wish to not actually offend anyone, and am just as prone as anyone to walk away from a polarizing conversation, as the next guy. The problem unfortunately is the more you hold in your opinions the more they are cause to fester and grow within yourself, until they come bursting out, usually at the wrong time and with the wrong person. We've just made it through sixteen years of some seriously hard and fast polarization, and it doesn't even feel like we are any the better for it. Truth hurts, but intellectual dishonesty is deadly.

I can sum up the polarization in the world by placing a majority of people into two camps. You have the "Are you a %^&*ing idiot?" crowd, who is the opposing faction of the "Don't you have a %^&*ing heart?" crowd. There was a time when these people were quite capable of just laughing the other one off, but we all seem to be incapable of doing that anymore. There also was a time when these camps were basically a question of age, but unfortunately more and more people don't outgrow either of these mind sets anymore. The news media of course, since it has become an entertainment industry and not a factual reporting industry doesn't help. I for an example like to listen to the news while I am at work and it doesn't even resemble news anymore. The days of "Mrs Henderson's cat was caught in a tree again, and the fire department was able to rescue him," has been replaced by "Fifteen people, who we will pretend are a bazillion are out protesting whatever it is we want you to be angry about." Most of these subjects as I said before elicit the response of "Idiots" or "Heartless" and nothing gets laughed off.

I could sit here and expand on the various issues that I think make people an idiot, and even a few where I believe people are being heartless, but I don't really have space in my life for the infantile hatred that follows an opinion. Being human, after a while makes me, you probably guessed it, hateful in return. Nobody has the ability to look at their own actions and see that it probably escalated other reactions. We hated being lectured as children and for some reason as adults we start lecturing ourselves, without what used to be a certain level of humility. Like I often joke, there was a time when doing something stupid would make you embarrassed, and not a litigant. Now a days doing something stupid means that you go find the most affluent entity to blame, rally the troops to back your idiocy, and sue the hell out of said affluent entity. This has increasingly become the mental ability of the average adult, and it has become the political philosophy of most.

Seriously folks, life is too short for all of this crap. I don't care who you voted for, but that doesn't mean I want to listen to or watch you rant about it. The people who really really hate any political candidate, and spend an overly emotional amount of time disparaging them publicly, has no ability to comprehend (or have a care in the world that) they are insulting the actual people who support(ed) the person. We've come to a point where we actually believe deep down inside that those people deserve the scorn, and often downright slander that comes out of our mouths, for the same reason that an idiot who takes a snow blower on their roof, has the right to a billion dollars from the snow blower manufacturer. Feelings seem to count more than actual rational thought. When we get down to those simple levels of existence, we aren't clever, we are de-evolving.

Sunday, February 12, 2017

The Less Than Fifty

You know what's worse than the people who support the asshole in the Whitehouse? The people whose heads haven't come out of their asses after witnessing eight years of the last asshole in the Whitehouse, and you know what the beauty of this is? I haven't even offended fifty percent of the country, because the jack-in-hats that are out there trying to shut down the country, shut down the entire Trump family and voice their unimportant opinions don't even make up twenty percent of the country. That's me being generous actually because I am including the basement dwelling morons that pollute social media and do nothing more than click send with their scorn and hate.

The die hard Trump backers are probably in the twenty percent range, but I do give them a lot more leeway because the last asshole had eight years of spreading, hate, lies and enmity to basically make the Trump twenty percent have a pretty good point. Obama and all of his followers brought the "race card" out, and you would swear we are back in the 50s. People are just plain sick of it more than the news will ever admit. They are sick of the crap. Leave it to the blind ranting left to demonstrate that they have not yet begun to crap, but if a long divisive political season has proven anything, it's that the supporters of the asshole in the Whitehouse don't care. As a matter of fact that is one thing I definitely have in common with them, because I have listened to the teasing of idiots long enough to realize that I don't actually care what anyone on the left says. I never will, actually, and somewhere in the last six years I determined that it wasn't worth my time to placate any of them. They are NEVER happy. Their misery is contagious.

Fell free to march for abortions, march against the perception of female rights. That's real rich after forcing a female with a track record of denying any and all women any rights, especially if her husband was involved on us. Feel free to trumpet someone who lied to everyone, near daily, and in the end left the Democratic party devastated to the point where Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi (who nobody takes seriously) are the voices of the party. Well they are the voices of the party when Barack Obama is on vacation somewhere. I mean let's be real here, he's going to be the voice of the Democratic Party until he choses not to be anymore, and look where that got the left. Yeah you see the dirty little secret here is while you protest the asshole in the Whitehouse and what you think he will do to America, there's still a big old free pass to the last asshole. If you ever want America "progressing" towards whatever form of totalitarianism you happen to support again, you should be out protesting the last asshole.

Grow the f*** up ....

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

What We Get Fed

I'll be happy when this is all behind us, but let's just for a minute discuss the politics of the electoral college. The electoral college was built into the constitution because the United States of America, is just that, "United States" forming a republic and not a democracy. People on the left in particular hate hearing that because pure democracies inevitably lead to what they prefer, a totalitarian regime, voted in by a simple majority, and then usually not relinquishing that power. The electoral college ensured that every state represented by the constitution had a certain amount of pull in each and every presidential election. It is also what creates the off centered balance of elected officials in the senate and even the house of representatives for the most part. It has, whether anyone wants to admit it or not, stemmed back the tide of progressive totalitarianism as long as this country has survived.

Now I am going to dive a bit further. Hillary Clinton did win the popular vote but this was based on running up the totals in heavily blue states, and even more so, running up the totals in heavily urban centers. Los Angeles, New York City and Chicago, went extremely heavy for her, ran up the vote count in those states and gave her a ton of padded stats. Usual heavily red states, found a lot of theoretical Trump voters basically staying home because it didn't seem worth it. In any regard, this is where the electoral college becomes important because there is a lot of real estate in this country that doesn't want Los Angeles, New York City and Chicago picking the president for the rest of them. Again it is a representative republic and not a democracy. Now with that said, we will dig a bit further.

Here's the thing that you probably won't hear very much. All the saber rattling that republican electors should defect to Hillary because the whole thing was unfair, should keep this in mind. Trump lost two electors, who defected as a protest. Neither of them went to Hillary but they did defect. Of the whole shebang Hillary lost five electors, which would come up to 150% more. She would have lost a lot more, but in the state they wanted the most Trump electors to defect from (Pennsylvania) the DNC replaced the people there who intended to defect. Of course to be fair none of the defectors went to Trump, but it does demonstrates the real problem with Hillary. Despite the vote counts going in her favor, from urban centers that traditionally vote for a living, in a country wide election where republicanism is the rule of vote, Hillary Clinton was far less popular than Donald Trump. I stated this before that even though these were the two most detested candidates, probably in the history of politics in general, there were actually a lot more people who started, ended and actually did vote for Donald Trump. People who contend that people only voted for him to make a statement should look at the people that voted for Hillary. They tried to make a statement and it just didn't work. They should have picked a better candidate.

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Reality Check

Well a month has gone by since the presidential election and the silliness just goes on and on. I saw a meme going around that said "Wouldn't it be great if people were as upset about political corruption as they are when their sports team loses" and on the surface it looks like a brilliant post. Unfortunately it may be pretty ignorant and here's the reason why. Politics have degenerated to being nothing more than sporting events for most people and it is no way to treat a country.

Here's the reality check that most people still haven't accepted. More people actually went to the polls to vote for Donald Trump than actually went to the polls to vote for Hillary Clinton. Seriously, even if Hillary Clinton got the popular vote it doesn't change the fact that most people who voted for her were either voting for the donkey or voting against the elephant, or Donald Trump. More and more it is appearing that very few people collectively really wanted Hillary to be the candidate or the president in general. If we can all agree on one thing, at least Trump did bring a pile of rabid followers to the party that were just as jazzed to vote for him as they were all along.

Now think about that for a moment. Most people when they take to the social media to thump their chest about something it usually falls under the category of "you lost" or "we win" then actually having anything to do with the betterment of mankind. Trump supporters, just like Obama supporters could watch either one of them kill their children and rape their wives and chalk it up to "They alleviated my financial burdens and took care of my wives needs, four more years!" and it comes down to fandom, and nothing good for anyone. Yes I might get all hopped up when the Patriots win, but I don't waste my time rooting against the other team, I am just rooting for mine. In politics we all seem to take great delight when our guy destroys something and makes the other team miserable.

For the record, I did write a blog after Obama became president hoping he would be the greatest president ever. I didn't vote for him, but I always wish the best for the country. In turn I am no fan boy of Trump but I hope he is the greatest president ever. Unfortunately I am stuck with the same problem I have had since G.H. I could say that he couldn't do worse than the last guy, and then he could turn around like the last four presidents and prove me wrong. Not only about being the best president ever, but doing far worse than the last guy. I mean if the we look back on G.H. and are still grumpy about "No new taxes" then we have ignored the blatant lies, further and far more frequent with each president afterwards. It makes you a groupie for a band of thieves and not someone who actually cares about America. Deal with it.

Friday, November 11, 2016

Enough Already

A hard truth for a lot of people out there is that what you are seeing now is reality, and what you have been told for the last eight years has been hogwash. I'm still just as shocked as anyone that Donald Trump is the president elect, but the reasoning behind it should be more obvious, especially today, than it has been. There are a lot of people who get up every day, go to work, and are perfectly happy with how their life is going. I don't think it outnumbers those that are dissatisfied, but then again the people that are content with life, probably think that a majority (not just a lot of but a majority) of those that are unhappy with the world may have brought it upon themselves.

Eight long years of the most divisive president in the history of America and what have we got? People who openly riot for the wrong reasons, most of which are so obviously spoiled rotten that it just makes people angry. The protests because Trump won are out of hand and anyone who thinks it is "normal" only accept it as normal because they have been told it is. Eight years of old people holding signs has been reported as everything from Klan members to Nazis and spoiled college students, most of which not actually getting a degree that will lead to an honest career, are considered "understood?" Well they aren't understood, and they are the Obama normal.

Hate on me all you want, but watching thousands of people destroy a town in Missouri over and over again, because a criminal was shot being a menace to society, and some people take notice. They hide their feelings on the matter because it isn't socially acceptable to be honest, and then they go out and shock a vote. Go figure? What you see going on right now is the same thing we saw during the "Occupy" movement, and that didn't exactly endear "normal" people to the left. No what it did was scare a lot of people, and NOT JUST WHITE PEOPLE. No it scared "normal" people who are sick of seeing bad behavior being rewarded. They are sick of seeing sloth commended as creative, and most of all they are sick of being hated because they don't agree with the MINORITY.

Over the next four years as we watch rampant disregard for the law, as we see words like racism, sexism, homophobia etc be used simply to shut people up, you will see the education system and the media system continue to proclaim it as healthy. Hopefully within the next four years we will see an end to the hate that has been created over lunatic policies and behaviors subside, but I doubt it. Just like I doubt that the lunatic left out there creating chaos right now will ever be reported as what they are. Bad for humanity in general.