Friday, November 11, 2016

Enough Already

A hard truth for a lot of people out there is that what you are seeing now is reality, and what you have been told for the last eight years has been hogwash. I'm still just as shocked as anyone that Donald Trump is the president elect, but the reasoning behind it should be more obvious, especially today, than it has been. There are a lot of people who get up every day, go to work, and are perfectly happy with how their life is going. I don't think it outnumbers those that are dissatisfied, but then again the people that are content with life, probably think that a majority (not just a lot of but a majority) of those that are unhappy with the world may have brought it upon themselves.

Eight long years of the most divisive president in the history of America and what have we got? People who openly riot for the wrong reasons, most of which are so obviously spoiled rotten that it just makes people angry. The protests because Trump won are out of hand and anyone who thinks it is "normal" only accept it as normal because they have been told it is. Eight years of old people holding signs has been reported as everything from Klan members to Nazis and spoiled college students, most of which not actually getting a degree that will lead to an honest career, are considered "understood?" Well they aren't understood, and they are the Obama normal.

Hate on me all you want, but watching thousands of people destroy a town in Missouri over and over again, because a criminal was shot being a menace to society, and some people take notice. They hide their feelings on the matter because it isn't socially acceptable to be honest, and then they go out and shock a vote. Go figure? What you see going on right now is the same thing we saw during the "Occupy" movement, and that didn't exactly endear "normal" people to the left. No what it did was scare a lot of people, and NOT JUST WHITE PEOPLE. No it scared "normal" people who are sick of seeing bad behavior being rewarded. They are sick of seeing sloth commended as creative, and most of all they are sick of being hated because they don't agree with the MINORITY.

Over the next four years as we watch rampant disregard for the law, as we see words like racism, sexism, homophobia etc be used simply to shut people up, you will see the education system and the media system continue to proclaim it as healthy. Hopefully within the next four years we will see an end to the hate that has been created over lunatic policies and behaviors subside, but I doubt it. Just like I doubt that the lunatic left out there creating chaos right now will ever be reported as what they are. Bad for humanity in general.