Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Who Knew

As I stood in the voting booth yesterday there was really only one thing going through my head, "I'm sick of eating shit!" Yes, for a right wing lunatic like myself I have during most of my voting life, gotten behind a candidate, watched them lose in the primary and then had the Republican establishment do their usual "We won, you lost, you have to eat the shit we gave you" dance. It's been infuriating, but the fact remained that their shit won, my shit lost, and tough shit. I did NOT back Donald Trump. I did not want Donald Trump, and I had no intention of voting for Donald Trump. Well that was until I was standing in the voting booth, after hearing the news that George W and Laura Bush had gleefully voted for Hillary Clinton.

After a few decades of listening to how the GOP faithful had picked yet another candidate that I hated, but that was life, I was looking at GOP faithful actively working against a candidate that they didn't like. I filled in the dot for Donald Trump, not because I wanted him to be president, but because I wanted the GOP faithful who have made me miserable for such a long time to feel pain. I wanted George. George, Jeb and every other member of the Republican elite to hear that it is over. It is over that they have any input on a presidential election, and unfortunately the only way I have to do it (and successfully for a change) was to vote for someone that they would all gleefully turn traitor for. The answer from America yesterday was that we hate you all, so sit down and eat your shit.

Of course now we can watch the truth unfold for the next four years. Donald Trump not only has won the Whitehouse by a clear majority of electoral votes, but he somehow has a GOP House and GOP Senate. Now the truth will unfold as the GOP will NOT repeal Obamacare. The GOP will NOT do anything about border security, much less build a wall. The GOP will basically NOT do any of the things that someone who is against the DNC agenda would hope that they would. The reasons for this have been pretty obvious for quite a while now, but let me sum it up in a few words, "It's not their job." No it isn't because the job of the GOP is to secretly go along with the Democrats and do the few things necessary to make conservatives look bad and feel bad. Welcome to America folks.

I also have to say this and a lot of people will disagree with me, but Barack Obama had a lot to do with the Hillary loss. The people in this country who are thoroughly disgusted with him, and have been demonized for eight long years watched him be the most un-presidential jackoff in the history of the world. Going around the country openly talking about how the other candidate is the "Klan Candidate" and fomenting the same old and tired racial disharmony that he has been doing through his entire presidency did not go unnoticed. No as a matter of fact I think a lot of people looked at this small man, and finally said, "No More!" Blast away if you must but many people will actually remember this entire election for what it was. The end of an error.