Thursday, December 15, 2016

Reality Check

Well a month has gone by since the presidential election and the silliness just goes on and on. I saw a meme going around that said "Wouldn't it be great if people were as upset about political corruption as they are when their sports team loses" and on the surface it looks like a brilliant post. Unfortunately it may be pretty ignorant and here's the reason why. Politics have degenerated to being nothing more than sporting events for most people and it is no way to treat a country.

Here's the reality check that most people still haven't accepted. More people actually went to the polls to vote for Donald Trump than actually went to the polls to vote for Hillary Clinton. Seriously, even if Hillary Clinton got the popular vote it doesn't change the fact that most people who voted for her were either voting for the donkey or voting against the elephant, or Donald Trump. More and more it is appearing that very few people collectively really wanted Hillary to be the candidate or the president in general. If we can all agree on one thing, at least Trump did bring a pile of rabid followers to the party that were just as jazzed to vote for him as they were all along.

Now think about that for a moment. Most people when they take to the social media to thump their chest about something it usually falls under the category of "you lost" or "we win" then actually having anything to do with the betterment of mankind. Trump supporters, just like Obama supporters could watch either one of them kill their children and rape their wives and chalk it up to "They alleviated my financial burdens and took care of my wives needs, four more years!" and it comes down to fandom, and nothing good for anyone. Yes I might get all hopped up when the Patriots win, but I don't waste my time rooting against the other team, I am just rooting for mine. In politics we all seem to take great delight when our guy destroys something and makes the other team miserable.

For the record, I did write a blog after Obama became president hoping he would be the greatest president ever. I didn't vote for him, but I always wish the best for the country. In turn I am no fan boy of Trump but I hope he is the greatest president ever. Unfortunately I am stuck with the same problem I have had since G.H. I could say that he couldn't do worse than the last guy, and then he could turn around like the last four presidents and prove me wrong. Not only about being the best president ever, but doing far worse than the last guy. I mean if the we look back on G.H. and are still grumpy about "No new taxes" then we have ignored the blatant lies, further and far more frequent with each president afterwards. It makes you a groupie for a band of thieves and not someone who actually cares about America. Deal with it.