Tuesday, December 20, 2016

What We Get Fed

I'll be happy when this is all behind us, but let's just for a minute discuss the politics of the electoral college. The electoral college was built into the constitution because the United States of America, is just that, "United States" forming a republic and not a democracy. People on the left in particular hate hearing that because pure democracies inevitably lead to what they prefer, a totalitarian regime, voted in by a simple majority, and then usually not relinquishing that power. The electoral college ensured that every state represented by the constitution had a certain amount of pull in each and every presidential election. It is also what creates the off centered balance of elected officials in the senate and even the house of representatives for the most part. It has, whether anyone wants to admit it or not, stemmed back the tide of progressive totalitarianism as long as this country has survived.

Now I am going to dive a bit further. Hillary Clinton did win the popular vote but this was based on running up the totals in heavily blue states, and even more so, running up the totals in heavily urban centers. Los Angeles, New York City and Chicago, went extremely heavy for her, ran up the vote count in those states and gave her a ton of padded stats. Usual heavily red states, found a lot of theoretical Trump voters basically staying home because it didn't seem worth it. In any regard, this is where the electoral college becomes important because there is a lot of real estate in this country that doesn't want Los Angeles, New York City and Chicago picking the president for the rest of them. Again it is a representative republic and not a democracy. Now with that said, we will dig a bit further.

Here's the thing that you probably won't hear very much. All the saber rattling that republican electors should defect to Hillary because the whole thing was unfair, should keep this in mind. Trump lost two electors, who defected as a protest. Neither of them went to Hillary but they did defect. Of the whole shebang Hillary lost five electors, which would come up to 150% more. She would have lost a lot more, but in the state they wanted the most Trump electors to defect from (Pennsylvania) the DNC replaced the people there who intended to defect. Of course to be fair none of the defectors went to Trump, but it does demonstrates the real problem with Hillary. Despite the vote counts going in her favor, from urban centers that traditionally vote for a living, in a country wide election where republicanism is the rule of vote, Hillary Clinton was far less popular than Donald Trump. I stated this before that even though these were the two most detested candidates, probably in the history of politics in general, there were actually a lot more people who started, ended and actually did vote for Donald Trump. People who contend that people only voted for him to make a statement should look at the people that voted for Hillary. They tried to make a statement and it just didn't work. They should have picked a better candidate.