Sunday, February 12, 2017

The Less Than Fifty

You know what's worse than the people who support the asshole in the Whitehouse? The people whose heads haven't come out of their asses after witnessing eight years of the last asshole in the Whitehouse, and you know what the beauty of this is? I haven't even offended fifty percent of the country, because the jack-in-hats that are out there trying to shut down the country, shut down the entire Trump family and voice their unimportant opinions don't even make up twenty percent of the country. That's me being generous actually because I am including the basement dwelling morons that pollute social media and do nothing more than click send with their scorn and hate.

The die hard Trump backers are probably in the twenty percent range, but I do give them a lot more leeway because the last asshole had eight years of spreading, hate, lies and enmity to basically make the Trump twenty percent have a pretty good point. Obama and all of his followers brought the "race card" out, and you would swear we are back in the 50s. People are just plain sick of it more than the news will ever admit. They are sick of the crap. Leave it to the blind ranting left to demonstrate that they have not yet begun to crap, but if a long divisive political season has proven anything, it's that the supporters of the asshole in the Whitehouse don't care. As a matter of fact that is one thing I definitely have in common with them, because I have listened to the teasing of idiots long enough to realize that I don't actually care what anyone on the left says. I never will, actually, and somewhere in the last six years I determined that it wasn't worth my time to placate any of them. They are NEVER happy. Their misery is contagious.

Fell free to march for abortions, march against the perception of female rights. That's real rich after forcing a female with a track record of denying any and all women any rights, especially if her husband was involved on us. Feel free to trumpet someone who lied to everyone, near daily, and in the end left the Democratic party devastated to the point where Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi (who nobody takes seriously) are the voices of the party. Well they are the voices of the party when Barack Obama is on vacation somewhere. I mean let's be real here, he's going to be the voice of the Democratic Party until he choses not to be anymore, and look where that got the left. Yeah you see the dirty little secret here is while you protest the asshole in the Whitehouse and what you think he will do to America, there's still a big old free pass to the last asshole. If you ever want America "progressing" towards whatever form of totalitarianism you happen to support again, you should be out protesting the last asshole.

Grow the f*** up ....