Thursday, March 30, 2017

Polarization For Dummies

I haven't offended a large swath of people in a while, and I must miss it since I deleted my Facebook profile. Actually that isn't quite true, like most people I have an innate wish to not actually offend anyone, and am just as prone as anyone to walk away from a polarizing conversation, as the next guy. The problem unfortunately is the more you hold in your opinions the more they are cause to fester and grow within yourself, until they come bursting out, usually at the wrong time and with the wrong person. We've just made it through sixteen years of some seriously hard and fast polarization, and it doesn't even feel like we are any the better for it. Truth hurts, but intellectual dishonesty is deadly.

I can sum up the polarization in the world by placing a majority of people into two camps. You have the "Are you a %^&*ing idiot?" crowd, who is the opposing faction of the "Don't you have a %^&*ing heart?" crowd. There was a time when these people were quite capable of just laughing the other one off, but we all seem to be incapable of doing that anymore. There also was a time when these camps were basically a question of age, but unfortunately more and more people don't outgrow either of these mind sets anymore. The news media of course, since it has become an entertainment industry and not a factual reporting industry doesn't help. I for an example like to listen to the news while I am at work and it doesn't even resemble news anymore. The days of "Mrs Henderson's cat was caught in a tree again, and the fire department was able to rescue him," has been replaced by "Fifteen people, who we will pretend are a bazillion are out protesting whatever it is we want you to be angry about." Most of these subjects as I said before elicit the response of "Idiots" or "Heartless" and nothing gets laughed off.

I could sit here and expand on the various issues that I think make people an idiot, and even a few where I believe people are being heartless, but I don't really have space in my life for the infantile hatred that follows an opinion. Being human, after a while makes me, you probably guessed it, hateful in return. Nobody has the ability to look at their own actions and see that it probably escalated other reactions. We hated being lectured as children and for some reason as adults we start lecturing ourselves, without what used to be a certain level of humility. Like I often joke, there was a time when doing something stupid would make you embarrassed, and not a litigant. Now a days doing something stupid means that you go find the most affluent entity to blame, rally the troops to back your idiocy, and sue the hell out of said affluent entity. This has increasingly become the mental ability of the average adult, and it has become the political philosophy of most.

Seriously folks, life is too short for all of this crap. I don't care who you voted for, but that doesn't mean I want to listen to or watch you rant about it. The people who really really hate any political candidate, and spend an overly emotional amount of time disparaging them publicly, has no ability to comprehend (or have a care in the world that) they are insulting the actual people who support(ed) the person. We've come to a point where we actually believe deep down inside that those people deserve the scorn, and often downright slander that comes out of our mouths, for the same reason that an idiot who takes a snow blower on their roof, has the right to a billion dollars from the snow blower manufacturer. Feelings seem to count more than actual rational thought. When we get down to those simple levels of existence, we aren't clever, we are de-evolving.